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Sunday, 6 December 2015


Well the "the best laid schemes o' mice an' men, gang aft agley" as my fellow country man  Rabbie Burns once wrote. Not on only were they running a marathon around the island which screwed up most of the roads around us, Lighthouse Point was re-enacting the perfect storm over the docks, so plan G was to fight back through the marathon hordes to our back up site.

A little current, a little drop in viz but at least we made it in the water. Success! Now I finally got to try out the new wide angle port and overall I pretty pleased although the conditions and fine tuning the strobe setup made things a little bit more of a pain in the arse than I would have liked but slow and steady wins the race and other such metaphors.........

We got a couple of laps in around the statue of Amphitrite before heading out to the Nicholson for a look see. As always our faithful pet snapper, Spot, joined us as soon as we hit the water, not to mention we had a little burrfish come and check us out on the wreck as well for a look-see.

We still had bags of air and bottom time, so we dropped of the edge of the world into the inky abyss for a mooch around and to enjoy the barrel and rope sponges as we merged with the swarms of fusiliers and triggerfish, not to mention the odd grunt and sweetlips.

And we picked up a nice turtle escort on the way back in from the depths as well. She was happy enough to swim with us for a while before leaving us for a nosh on some sponge.

Later on we picked up another escort, this time in the form of a pair of squid, who were extremely happy to play with us for a good 20 minutes or so and weren't put off by the camera, obviously there were used to hogging the lens for some star treatment.

Anemones are something that you don't see whole lot of on the island and when you do, don't expect to see clownfish clustering around them because your not in Egypt or Indonesia, although if you look long and hard enough you might just see some other things to catch your attention, like squat anemone shrimp for example.

And right beside this little beauty was a goldentail moray eel popping out to say hello. A great morning's diving, despite the setbacks. As they say,  it's always better down where it's wetter.