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Sunday, 6 December 2015

I don't sleep, I dream

Well this is a hell of thing if they can make it (and without messing up the environment). Fancing sleeping with the fishes? (and not in the mafia sense I may add).

"The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will offer luxury suites for guests who want to sleep with the fishes. Though it may sound like an ecological disaster in the making, the hotel’s mission is “to help fund and implement a worldwide proven coral reef restoration.”

Link: HERE

"We want to help save planet Earth’s oceans from the on-going daily destruction taking place,” said managing director Tony Webb."

"The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will offer 12 guest rooms, a lounge and dining area and an elevator to transport visitors from sea level to 28 feet below the surface. Each luxury suite will feature a “King Neptune” bed, an Italian leather sofa, HDTV, room service, and even WiFi. But the big draw, of course, is the stunning panoramic view of the sea life and the ocean floor."

And check this next bit out. "The company is also offering a single suite with elevator that can be installed at existing resorts, the first of which will appear in Cuba, Grand Cayman and The Lesser Antilles."

We're supposed to get this happening on the island. We'll await this with baited breath however give the current disagreement over the building of the new port. Time will tell. Still looks coold though.