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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Little bitty pretty one

Up at the crack of dawn and straight to Lighthouse Point before the weather moves in was the order of the day. As it stood, the viz was fair to middling at around 20 metres with a 4-5 knot Easterly wind at the surface and a reasonable Northerly current down below.

As it was all macro work today, hunting up the little stuff was the priority scouting the hardpan and miniwall provided an absolute bounty of little fellas, with a couple of guest appearances of course. But lets start with some roughead blennies for your delight and delectation.

But blennies weren't the only thing hiding in the hardpan today as we also found a nice little elysia crispata wroking it's way over the algae.

Working against the current and heading down and along the wall offered a carnival of crustaceans, starting with a very well camouflaged juvenile decorator crab. Can you spot it?

Then we had a scatter shot of yellowline arrowcrabs all over the sponges and  and wall. I got a nice shot of this little fellow just coming out of his cup sponge for a little look see.

And then there was this little pinstripe hermit who stopped to get his mug shot taken. What a nice crab.

And as mentioned earlier, a couple of the big boys came out to play whilst we were busy with their miniature brethren which was nice but always a pain when you've got your macro lens on!

After that brief interlude, back the hardpan and the little guys where there was a couple of really nice banded jawfish, sadly no eggs at this time though.

And some great little secretary blennies hiding in the coral heads bring the dive to a well rounded end.

Just as we got out the water, the weather we had avoided all morning hit with a vengeance as we could see the curtain of rain coming at us from Macabuca. Chef Jen whipped up a great breakfast as the thunder storm rolled over us. Perfect.

You can't see it, but it is raining cats and dogs out there.