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Monday, 18 November 2013


Lots of things to see and do, lots and lots for me and you. And such was the way of things when we jumped in a few days ago to see what could be seen including some lovely big shoals of sweepers, tangs, grunts and snappers.

Towards the end of the dive we also had some unexpected visitors in the shape of some caribbean reef and some nurse sharks who were happy to circle around and check us out.

I must admit though the second dive was the most exciting for me as you know I like my macro stuff and I found a beautiful little gaudy clown crab nestled away in some sponge on the hard pan in two metres of water right at the start of the dive, bonus!

It's so tiny!!
Not to mention the obligatory smattering of gobies and blennies popping out to say hello for the camera.

No hot squid action for the camera on this dive though but you can't have everything I suppose. There was a lovely little juvenile file fish hidden amongst the sponges however so that was a nice little find and he was more than happy to sit there and get some pictures taken of him.

There was also this nice little juvenile orange saddled blenny who was practically see through on the coral. I had to look twice to make sure he was there. Blink and you'll miss him.

The original invisible fish
And of course to round everything off on this particular dive, it wouldn't be right unless we finished up with the obligatory flamingo tongue cowrie and christmas tree worm. After all there's only 36 shopping days left till christmas...........