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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Along the Blue Highway

Been taking it easy the last couple of weeks in preparation for the up coming photo and film festival on the island next week, but we're back in the water and back to business as usual as we hit our favourite Lighthouse Point early this morning.

With very little current and some decent viz on the main wall we had lots to see and do and were instantly surrounded by our old friends the snappers with some angelfish, jacks and triggerfish in tow.

Low flying snappers love the camera......

We changed it up a little this morning and headed South down the wall for a change and saw some very beautiful and colourful barrel and rope sponges in the depths just teeming with life.

Different snapper this time. They get everywhere.........
We even had nice couple of turtles giving us the royal wave as the sculled past as well. Bit too far off in the distance for a perfect shot but was still nice of them to show up for us.

Slow fly-by from one of the resident turtles
One thing I definitely wanted to do was try and get a shot of the banded jaw at the 6 metre mooring line as it's had it's gob full of eggs the last few time I've seen it. I got a shot of it, but guess what? No eggs. Damn you jawfish, how dare you toy with my frail emotions like that!! Ah, well.

No eggs today, thanks, just 2 pints of gold top
However I did score the jackpot with a mature squid who was more than happy to follow me around for well over half an our. It loved the camera! Every position I needed it to be in, it would pose for me. Much better than any of my other underwater models! :-P

"That's it.......more"

"Make love to the camera....that's right"
"You love it, you filthy little squid, yes you do......."
And I got some lovely video footage of it as well for an added bonus below.

If you don't have java embedded in your browser, you can check out the video: HERE

It was nice to have some quality time one of the more unique guests at the dive site.

Last but by no means least as we headed back into shore was a lovely little saddled blenny hiding out amongst the anemone. It pays to have a close look as you never know what you may find..........

Peek-a-boo, I see you.........