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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Maid of Amsterdam

Ok, so it's not quite the same as direct contact with the water but you got to admit that it looks pretty damned fun! The video footage of the whales and whale song is pretty amazing too. One more thing to add to the christmas list........

"DeepFlight Super Falcon, a $1.7m personal submarine that is hand built by Hawkes Ocean Technologies. Of course, it looks like it comes from a sci-fi or spy movie because Graham Hawkes, the designer of the Super Falcon, has made submersibles for films like For Your Eyes Only and Aliens of the Deep."

"With an obscene number of  GoPro cameras and some hydrophones, Hawkes and his co-pilot Lee Behel decided to dive off the coast of Hawaii in an attempt to capture a whale song. The DeepFlight Super Falcon is capable of dropping to almost 400ft and the battery powered electric engine can move it around at 2-6 knots (up to 6.9mph)."

Link: HERE