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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Some day my prince will come

So my former colleagues at Sony have finally (officially) announced the A7 and A7r this morning and what a corking pair of cameras they are as well. A lot of the features we knew of but they kept us guessing as to the final shape of the body right until the end.

Link: HERE

With 24MP and PDAF on the A7, 36MP on the A7R and weather sealing on both, they are just some of the wonderful new goodies Sony has brought to the table as well as allowing for native E mount usage as well as the new FE standard for the bodies not to mention A mount support through adapter as well as every other manufacturers lenses through adapter as well. This on top of the announced 15 new FE lenses to be released over the months.

It just doesn't get much better. Or does it? I've no doubt Nauticam will have a housing ready to go for these bad boys in no time. Get ready for some FF shots in the near future........