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Friday, 6 September 2013

Trenchtown rock

Well we've finally got an update as to what Uncle Bob and the crew have been up to off shore the past week. A bit of exploring in the trenches and discovering some interesting critters by the looks of things. Some amazing creatures being found down there.

Link: HERE

Cusk eel swims by
"With a maximum depth of 7,686 meters, almost 4.7 miles, the Cayman Trough is the deepest area of the Caribbean Sea. It’s pitch black and temperatures are below freezing except for when they’re boiling, but for many creatures, it’s also a very comfortable home."

"Dumbo octopuses use their ear-like fins to help navigate and propel themselves through the water. The high-definition cameras aboard the remotely operated vehicle Hercules on the Nautilus captured footage of these deep-dwelling octopuses in the Cayman Trough in August. While Dumbo octopuses do not frequent the hydrothermal vents, they do prefer extreme depths."

Dandelion siphonophore, small and deadly