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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Love Sculpture

Well there will soon be a new addition to the sand slats just off the mini wall at Lighthouse Point. The same chap who done the sculpture of Amphitrite for Sunset House has also been commissioned to complete a sculpture for Jay and Nancy at Divetech.

It'll be unveiled at DEMA in November before coming back onto the island for the concrete plinth to be cast with sinking and placement taking place in January. With any luck I'll have the first pre and post sinking photos ;-)

Link: HERE

Standing 13-feet tall, cast in bronze and clad in Roman armor, the “Guardian of the Reef” cuts an imposing figure. The statue of the mythological creature – half ancient warrior, half sea horse – is set to become the latest attraction on the Cayman Islands’ diving scene. 

The sculpture will be sunk on a sandy flat in 65-feet of water where it will stand sentry over the reef off DiveTech’s Lighthouse Point site in West Bay. It will also be a literal guardian of the reef, with visitors contributing a dollar for every dive at the site going toward an ocean conservation program for schoolchildren. 

The statue was sculpted by Canadian artist Simon Morris, the creator of the famous mermaid at the Sunset House dive site.