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Monday, 12 August 2013

A hard day's night

Well to try and beat the jinx of the ridiculous Northerly currents we've been having the last few weeks, we headed out late afternoon to try and break the run of poor luck. Luckily we were rewarded with next to no current, unluckily, the marine life just didn't wan to play with us too much which was a real shame. Ah well, you make do with what you've got........

There were quite a few stingrays and eagle rays cruising around and at one point we had three eagle rays circling around us but when you have a 16mm wide angle fish eye, you're not going to get the best of shots. I caught one of the eagle rays as it was heading off into the deep, so I got something. It was still worth it just to watch them glide around in the water.

With a lot of particulate in the water natural light was at a premium on the main wall so we ended up with about 10-12 metres viz tops. But we were rewarded with massive shoals of squid hanging around in the first couple of metres of water right off the dock. We lost count after 40.

Heading back in for the night dive we had a bit better luck with the marine life as it never fails to deliver an abundance of small stuff to shoot.

And as it turns out the shoals of squid were still hanging around well in the evening time which made for a fantastic light show under strobe flash.

The juvenile octopus were out and about for a scuttle again with on poor little blighter trying to get shelter under my camera port from the onslaught of bloodworms that get attracted to the lights which are a huge annoyance when trying to do macro shots.

Not as many nudis out this evening as I would have liked but still managed to find a tiny little fringe back making a break for it across the open sponge as well as a nice lettuce leaf slug.

And not to mention this super lazy little fellow lounging around, which reminds me that it's nearly past my bed time..........