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Sunday, 16 June 2013


I dunno, you think you move to a nice quiet respectable neighborhood, then you find you get manky undesirables looking through your windows! The nerve!

"Want to by a copy of watchtower, guv'nor?"
Next thing you know, we'll get invaded by a bunch of schemies from Pumpherston or even worse, Uphall!

"Yea, I'll just let it all hang out"
The things you have to put up with these days. Get of my land!

Update as of 7.32am. He's still there. He's been hanging on all night, bloody dosser......

Update as of 10.56am. Bob, as we call him, is still there. I think someone super glued him to our window as a joke......  

Update as of 12.38pm. News flash, Bob has moved about an inch to the left. More news as it arrives.

Update as of 13.36. Bob has finally gone. Farewell sweet Bob, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Good riddance!