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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Do the evolution

Here's a very well written slice of thought from Vikki Batten at PADI Europe on Tec diving and why it can still positively impact you even if you don't want or have no interest in being a Tec diver. 

"Probably the most obvious contribution tec diving has made is the constant innovation and refinement of diving equipment. It takes time to trickle down but we now regularly see single cylinder wing and backplate systems with long hose configurations that keep the diver in a beautiful position while they dive, ensure they are uncluttered and streamlined plus are able to respond to out of gas emergencies with ease and flexibility."

"Use of sidemount wing systems is not quite so widespread yet but with mainstream manufacturers bringing out systems designed for the open water diver which are extremely lightweight, streamlined and easy to use I don’t think it will be long before sidemount diving is the second most popular PADI specialty (EANx is the most popular)."

The evolution of Tec ultimately always filters down to the humblest of divers, whether it be technique or equipment. Have a read and see what you personally think about what Tec can do for you. You may be surprised.....

Link: HERE