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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crying shame

And still in this day and age, stupid and greedy people continue to look out for themselves. line their pockets and screw the marine life. It's enough to make you cry.

A few weeks back we had the morons at Cayman Dolphin Discovery taking tagged stingrays out of the wild for their own aquarium and now we have the CTF (Cayman Turtle Farm) who have been damned in two independent reports by the STC (Sea Turtle Conservancy) and the WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals).

The Turtle Farm breed turtles not only for the meat but also supposedly to release a large number into the wild and keep the population healthy and thriving. However both reports show "photographic evidence and peer reviewed scientific analysis”, which revealed many welfare issues, including overcrowding, disease, cannibalism and unnecessary prolonged suffering."

They've made photos available which show the conditions the turtles are in and it's not pretty. Diseased turtles with no eyes, turtle carcasses that have been eaten by other turtles, overcrowding in stagnant, filthy water and downright appalling conditions.

"WSPA said it is not calling for the CTF to shut down all of its operations but to operate as a rehabilitation release, research and education facility that can still draw tourists. It recommends a shift away from commercial production for human consumption to conservation, but said the Farm should “immediately halt the inhumane public handling of turtles due to the animal welfare concerns associated with this activity.”

Until the farm can tend the care and well-being of the turtles in the long run, please avoid this place. If you want to see turtles, get in the water and dive or snorkel with them. 

There are hundreds of turtles all round the island at dive sites and isn't it much better to see them in their natural environment as opposed to diseased, disfigured and suffering at a turtle farm that can't/won't look after them properly?

Which do you prefer. This......?
Diseased, suffering turtles with no eyes
Or this?
Healthy turtles in their natural habitat
You decide because only we can make the difference.........