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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Captive stingrays returned but numbers still falling

Soon to be a thing of the past?
Ask 1000 divers or even standard holiday makers what one of the main attractions are on the Caymans and they will say Stingray City. But maybe not for long as local dolphinarium operators are just plucking them out of the sea to fill their own attractions, yes, I'm looking at you Dolphin Discovery.

What makes it worse is that the stingrays were already tagged as part of a scientific study but it still didn't stop them from being taken. It still beggars believe that in this day and age that laws are still not in place to prevent environmentally sound practices like this from happening. 

The DoE has managed to get some of them released back into the wild but some still remain captive. Whatever your thoughts are on dolphinariums and keeping animals in captivity, stealing them from the wild for the entertainment of others is just plain wrong on so many levels.

If you you ever come to the Caymans, please see these fantastic creatures in their natural habitat and I hope yourself, family, friends and fellow divers boycott Dolphin Discovery along with every other dolphinarium out there. 

The more that unscrupulous, narrow minded, money grabbing individuals interfere with creatures in their natural habitat, the less likely they are to be around for future generations to enjoy and learn about them.