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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Welcome to St Abbs, have a nice day

St Abbs Visitor Centre Website HERE

Just wanted to let you all know about the St Abbs Visitors Centre at the top of the hill. If you haven't been in it yet, then shame on you! (yes, shame on me as well because I only went in for the first time today). 
Welcome! Come on in!
Ok, so it hasn't technically been open that long, so that's my excuse as to why I havent been in until now .You can't miss it as its slap bang at the top of the hill on the left hand side before you head down to the harbour, so you can park up and walk there in under two minutes. No excuses.
Celebrating the past
Inside you'll find a very bright and airy space with plenty of displays and facts about St Abbs, the people and it's history.
Informative and interesting. You can have fun and learn at the same time!
If Dawn isn't sitting at the front entrance desk, she'll probably be talking to one of the visitors and no doubt will soon greet you with a hello and will immediately put you at ease if you have never met her before.
Some of the local history on display
As the wife of Captain O'Callaghan (he of Pathfinder andHawaiian shirt fame), Dawn has a wealth of knowledge and stories to tell all about the area, the history and the inner workings of the harbour. If she doesn't know it then it's probably no worth knowing about!

There is a series of talks, events, etc. organised over the next few weeks/months, so if you want to know more, I strongly suggest getting in touch with them to see what's happening. If you haven't already seen it, I've put a link to their website at the top.
Fantastic vantage point overlooking Seagull Rock, all the way out to Black Carr
It's not just about the diving as the walls tell an ongoing story as you walk round of the harbour, the birds and the people and how it all comes together to promote that stron sense of community spirit that you find in places like St Abbs. 

The place has long been a mecca for diving in the UK for many, many years and it's fantastic to have a dedicated centre about the harbour and village to inform and delight vistiors. 
Displaying the bounty of the sea
Lets not forget though that it's not just divers that come to St Abbs as vast amounts of tourists and day trippers flock to the East coast during the Summer months for a grand day out and provide a steady stream of income into the local community so it's up to all of us to support not just the Visitors Centre, but all the small businesses, skippers and everyone in the area. 

It'll be a sad day when the boats don't run any more......

Just remember to stop by the visitors centre any time your in the area, even if it's just to say hello and if you can spare it, leave a little donation in the box on your way out.
St Abbs - Diving mecca for the UK