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Monday, 30 April 2012

Gone with the wind

As there was no diving on the go for the weekend, I still had some business down at the old stomping grounds to attend to and thought I'd rattle off a quick couple of shots of the current conditions. This is what it's been like most of last week and the weekend, and given the current weather forecast, looks like it will stay this way for all of this week as well as into the middle of next week.
A bad day to be out
A seven foot swell every five seconds with a NE at 12-14 knts means its time to go to the pub and stay there!
All safely snugged up

I think it's time to plan an emergency holiday abroad for a week until all this meteorological nonsense blows over (no pun intended).
The waves pound over the top of Catherdral Rock
I'm going back in doors now and not coming out till Summer time......