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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Island life, ya mon!

Well today was our last day of diving on Little Cayman and we have a day of rest before we move on over to Grand Cayman for a week, which I am looking forward to. The diving here has been very good with some excellent scenic dives and good handful of big stuff to see.
Another shark disappears off into the blue. They don't play with divers
I wouldn't rate Little Cayman as "THE" place to dive as some of the magazines would have you believe, even with the Bloody Bay wall, but it's still nice all the same. If you've done the straits of Tiran in Egypt, Cozumel in Mexico or Canna Wall in the Small Isles then you've done diving just as good as the Bloody Bay wall, if not better but you still be looking to add this little slice of wall goodness to your list just to be a completist.
Spot the grouper....
Probably the best thing for me on this holiday was spotting the small stuff just because it doesn't exist! I like a good challenge for my macro shot but this was hard work. I did manage to score some close up shots eventually and they turned out quite well despite the constant buffeting from the surge.
Cleaner shrimp on coral head
We had a good day for whiptail and yellow rays, groupers, flounders, sharks, turtles, lobsters grunts, barrel sponges and fan corals, so there was plenty to see and do and the water has been at a constant 26 degrees all week, despite the girls best efforts to raise the temperature by constantly peeing in their wetsuits. Mouse bladders, the lot of them.
Hopefully this one will dodge the pot
And a mental note to myself that I have the ability to record in 1080p HD and I need to rememember to shoot more video. Doh! It's one of these things, I take my camera for granted but forget that it also doubles as an excellent video camera as well.

However I did remember to shoot some turtle action at 36 metres on Lea Lea's Lookout today so I'm not completely crap!
So we have tomorrow off to get our kit dried out and do some packing before our island hop. I think we'll investigate the islands sole restaurant and see what they have on offer. Maybe have a look at the boobys (the other kind) at the sanctuary and check out the museum as well. I think we should be able to cover the island in a day gven that it's only 10 by 1 miles.
A trio of flamingo tongue cowries