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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Success and an ice-cream

Well after another successful days diving, we are now fully qualified self reliant divers. It's always interesting for me to go through a course as a student would to get their perspective which I find helps when it comes to teaching courses.

Our instructor Sven did a sterling job with in-depth dive briefs and making suggestions with regards gas management planning. His TDI background certainly came to the fore the last couple of days and added an extra layer of depth that might not have been there otherwise.

And as usual, sods law, no camera, so we had a nice big turtle bimbling around with us on the first dive today.

I tell you, we better see mantas riding on the back of whale sharks chasing a herd of sea horses for the rest of the holiday, or I'll be well upset!

Still we had a nice ice-cream at the end of the day, so it wasn't all bad.
Sven signs off the paperwork, Jill has ice cream