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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Satisfied Customers

St Abbs Panorama

Well no underwater shots this week as I had two new divers to the marine reserve to look after and a very nice couple from the Wirral they were too. It started off persistently pissing it down but with no wind and good vis, you can't really complain now, can you? Paul O done sterling job on Pathfinder shuttling us around today and feeing us tea, although missed on on the choccie biccies after the first dive. Disappointing!
Bob, resident Mr Fixit, RNLI volunteer, ROV pilot and cigar smoker
 Jumped in at Skellies Hole and straight away on the swim out, bagged a free swimming Wolfie, which was a nice bonus for my divers who had never seen one before which was a nice surprise. Tide was on the ebb into slack so the current was pushing on a wee bit before we dropped into the gullies a found some nice nudis, butterfish and scorpionfish. We started heading over to West Hurker before I sent my divers up and continuing on for a mooch around. 

I wish I had my rig with me though as I came across one of the biggest female scorpionfish I had ever seen. She was a beaut. A nice mottled grey/white sitting at the base of the rock. Then to top it all, find the mother of all nudis sitting out in the open on the gravel. Easily 9-10 inches long with a girth of about 2 inches. Wish I had my rig.....

On the bright side, the rain stopped, the sun came out along with the triple chocolate chip cookies, which were greatly enjoyed by the girls as you can tell......

Dive two saw a jump off at the back of Black Carr with 14m+ plus vis and a large amount of wolf fish that please my divers no end. Wolf fish heaven. They were popping out everywhere. Waved them off the surface after 40 minutes and bumped back into Elaine and Mabs as they came past Wuddy Rocks where I performed my amazing Wrasse whispering trick for the benefite of Elaines cameraThe secret skill of enticing Wrasse to come to you  with just the power of thought and suggestion. I should get my own Discovery channel show.....

As soon as she can be bothered to get the pictures off her camera and send them, I'll add them to the post. She claims she's too busy washing her kit off, but we all know that Hamish does it for her.......

Elaine does the traditional half time cookie dance
Landward ho with very happy divers before a quick stop for fills and onward journey home in time for tea.

The writings on the wall. Just some of the many dive sites mapped on the entrance wall of Scoutscroft Dive Centre