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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Blunt force trauma

Well it's that time of month again where the kippers invade the East coast, so we head West. And a good call it was too as the diving was called off on the East due to heavy swells. Whereas we had scorching sunshine and cracking vis on the West. Good idea on our behalf!
St Catherines Site One in panorama
Loch Fyne was teaming with good stuff today, tonnes of Lions Mane jellyfish, Gobies, Blennies, Squat lobsters, Langoustines, Firework anemones, and loads of Nudibranchs. 10 degrees in the shallows with a drop down to 8 at 23 metres, it was still more than adequate, although we wish it would pick up a little considering its summer time!

Elaine gets Lions Mane in her sights
And the diving proved to be quite challenging, but not necessarily for the reasons that you would thing. It involved fishing rods, fins and minor concussion. But I will be the gentleman and keep a lady's secrets. Rest assured that I have upped my dive insurance prior to getting back into the water with Elaine for Thursday.......

A happy little Squattie

With a total run time of 160 minutes, and superb surface conditons, not to mention a selection of Hamish's fine culinary skills, it's safe to say a good day out was had by all, despite the injuries received by myself. But it's ok. I forgive you. Just this once though......

A pair of nudi's getting it on. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!

Here doggie! Good dogfish! Roll over! Fetch!

Down at depth, the main features were the multitude of Firework anemones and Langoustines runing about the place. It was like whack-a-mole. As soon as one popped into its hole another one would pop out. Hours of entertainment trying to photo them.

Firework Anemone in full explosion

Langoustine poses for the camera. Smile!
Roll on Thursday for seals. The weather looks promising so we should be in for a good time, so tune in then for the the latest update and we'll be jumping in at St Abbs on Saturday again, so back to normal wether permitting.
Nice big old Cod hangs around the wreck