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Monday, 13 January 2020

Hooks in you

A sad indictment of the times and something that we knew had been going on for a long time.


 "Thirty-eight percent of tiger sharks had at least one fisheries interaction resulting in retained hooks during the 8-year observation period. Both stainless-steel and corrodible hooks had a retention half-life of less than 1 year, and all corrodible hooks were shed within 2.5 years whereas firmly embedded stainless-steel hooks persisted for at least 7.6 years and are potentially retained for the lifetime of the shark."

 “After fishery interactions, sharks may swim away with hooks embedded in their stomachs, throats, mouths, or externally around the jaws, and may also be trailing line from those hooks,” said Meyer. “Internal hooks can cause internal bleeding, while external hooks can interfere with feeding. Trailing line can interfere with feeding, wrap around fins leading to necrosis and interfere with swimming.”

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