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Monday, 19 December 2016

Sonic Attack

Could this be the start of underwater transmissions, texts, sound and music? Maybe radio location for missing divers? Or do you think that the the underwater world has no place for man made signalling? What effect, if any, would it have on marine life?

Link: HERE

"It's easy to take modern wireless communication for granted above ground, but it's useless in areas where the signals can't propagate, like underwater or in caves. DARPA might have a better way: its AMEBA (A Mechanically Based Antenna) team is developing portable ultra-low-frequency (1Hz to 3kHz) and very low frequency (3kHz to 30kHz) transmitters that could penetrate materials like water and stone with basic data. Scuba divers could send text messages to each other, for instance, while search and rescue teams could still contact the outside world while they're in tunnels."

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