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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Wo bist du

Now this is a what I call diving. Minimal wind, not surge, no swell, no current, so what time is it? It's macro time!! It would be rude not to after all. Lets start off with a laughing secretary blenny. I took this shot right after I told him a joke........

Then I found a nice blue arrow crab hiding under a rock which I didn't tell a joke to but he did allow me to get up really close and personal. We should have exchanged numbers......

And we had some nice Pederson shrimps show their true colours. Or not as the case may be as they were mostly transparent. You can't lie to me, I can see right through you.......

Oh, and we had plenty more blennies to take pictures of again, very accomodating.

And coming back in to the shallows, there was a squat anemone shrimp that really didn't want it's photograph taken as it went upside down and tried to scuttle into a little overhang but I still got a shot of it anyway. That showed it.

A great morning out in ideal conditions gave me some quality time to dial in the CMC in conjunction with the macro lens. Getting better every time and maybe with a little more time I might get good with the new setup. :-)

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