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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Sailing on the seven seas

What an absolute joy it was to head North again. It's been about ten months since we last headed that direction and as much as I like sharks, there's nothing quite like some beautiful scenery to swell the heart and fill the camera lens.

The original plan was to drop on Julies Wall but it seemed like several other people also had that idea so all the moorings were allocate. However, not to be out-done, Captain James decided to go off the beaten path and do an anchor drop West of Julies which put us in uncharted territory, where no diver has gone before. And we got some spectacular vistas to boot!

Amazing fan formations with a dazzling array of rope and barrel sponges coupled with a cornucopia of file fish, triggerfish and fusiliers, it was Neptunes own playground.

There were also a few turtles out and about but they were a bit camera shy today so they managed to stay out of the strobe light. With an 10 knot Easterly and very little current, these are the days made for diving (I still secretly miss my drysuit and 3c water temp though.....).

The icing on the cake was the second dive on Delwyn's Delight which never disappoints whether you like the big or small stuff and for me, the smaller the better. A wide variety of gobies, blennies, hermit crabs and moray eels were on offer if you were slow enough and sharp-eyed enough to spot them.

Did I mention small stuff? Well one of my usual locations for nudis also happened to be populated by a stingray this morning. Pretty difficult to get it all on on macro as this on e was quite sizable.

And of course we had the ever present painted elysia making a fashionable late entrance towards the end of the dive close to the mooring pin showing that you really don't have to go too far afield to find some of the best and brightest that this dive site has to offer.