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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Split personality

I honestly believe that this is the worst winter we've had on island for quite some time, just cold front after cold front hitting us and we have another one on the way later this week. Today was a small victory in the fact we actually got in the water. The wind was 10-12 knts. SE at the surface so relatively flat but we didn't head too far North due to nursing a bit of a sick engine.

First stop was Split Rock, where we had a little shark action going on, but they kept their distance, so much so there's no way I could have got a shot, it would have been a waste, but they were there nonetheless.

We had some nice rope and barrel sponge formations to play around with and some nice deep shots.

Speaking of deep, I was pushing the limits pretty heavily to get some shots, yet some of the clowns on the boat still managed to get a good 8-10 metres below me, much to the chagrin of Miss Caitlin. She had to go down and chase them up they go themselves into serious difficulties. Poor Caitlin. I'm grateful for who and when I can teach in my spare time so I don't have to deal with muppets like that on a daily basis!

During surface interval, Captain Nige managed to make a literal meal of his easter cupcakes.Honestly, I can't take him anywhere. Debs need to have serious words with him.........

Second splash was in at Kathleens where Miss Sarah showed us a nice high hat which I haven't seen many of here, or anywhere else for that matter.

Because I was mostly twatting around with the high hat, I wasn't really looking for too much else but there was the odd occasional little blenny and goby and other such little treats.

As well as a monsterous trumpetfish right at the very end. This thing was huge, way too big for the lens, I had to back right off. He wasn't the least bit shy either.

So a great mornings diving and it was nice to get back in the water again. I sacrificing various animals and small children to the weather gods so we can actually spend some quality time at LHP soon without the weather screwing things up.

And last but not least theres a little video clip below and on the youtube channel with a snippet of diving from this morning. I borrowed a gopro and I was just twatting about with it to see it could be anything useful to me, so ignore gopro positioning, etc, as this is just purely a proof of concept, but you get the idea. Safe diving everyone.