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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fisherman's blues

And once more unto the breach with a visit to the East End which has been lacking for the last couple of months due to the holiday season and being very busy.

Conditions were excellent today, with a 4-5 knots SSE and pretty decent vis. I got outvoted at this point as I wanted something scenic but everyone else wanted sharks, so that was that. Tanja and Jonatan were able to get some time off to join us and JB was there as well to cause general chaos and mayhem.

Captain James whisked us off to the Maze first off and it didn't take long before we had a male and female reef shark join us. One curious thing I noticed was some writing on a secondary buoy on the mooring pin. I have no idea what it could mean.......

Scenery wise it was ok, but wasn't particularly abundant for the stuff that would make some awesome jaw dropping stuff and all that jazz.

There was also some lionfish hanging around which were swiftly dispatched by Captain James and his spear of maleficence.

We headed North a little ways to check out Black Rock reef for dive number two and we found some lovely little elysia crispata, blennies, gobies and wrasse.

After a brief pit stop at 19 metres, I found a lovely little little gaudy clown crab. I love the colours on these as they are very striking and really stand out against the back drop of the reef.

Not bad for the first boat dive of 2016, with many more to come. Still getting there with the new camera but getting a little better all the time.