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Saturday, 2 May 2015

I heard it through the grapevine

Well the island paper got wind of the sharks hunting for lionfish and wanted to use my photo and talk to me about it. So an article appeared in yesterdays paper and online.

Link: HERE

So they did use my photo but they didn't speak to me but they did appear to speak to a few other people in the article and when you read it seems (to me) to put a negative and pessimistic spin on things, which is a little disappointing.

This has a potential to be a very good for keeping lionfish numbers down and may (or may not be) be the start of something very positive in the marine world. Unless of course you read this article which to me sounds all doom and gloom judging by some of the comments.......

“Something is eating the lionfish, but I don’t agree that it is the sharks,”

"likely that the shark had been conditioned by human culling on that site."

Let's try and have a little optimism guys, good things do actually happen in the world occasionally and maybe this is the start of the scales finally tipping back in favour of mother nature. Time will tell. Other reporting establishments at least were hopeful that things could turn around after hearing about this.

Call me naivie if you want, but at least I for one am seeing this in a positive light.