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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

3 is a magic number

Why do one wall dive when you can do three? And that's how it turned out when we jumped in on McCurley's Wall. And then onto Babylon. And then onto Julie's Wall. And then back again. Talk about value for money.

Unfortunately there wasn't any big stuff to come out and play with us today, that and a fair amount of swell at the surface made it a bit of a lumpy ride for most of the boat. Still, with epic scenery like this, what's there to complain about?

We moved over to the Omega dive site (which I hadn't done before) and passed our surface interval watching most of the divers turn various shades of green. Poor souls. I must say that this particular dive site was hard work to find the little stuff, not including the massive surge that was in effect. You really had to get yourself down on the deck on sheltered.

In next weeks further adventures, I've actually got some spec dives to teach weather permitting, so we very well may have two divers taking their first steps towards their MSD certification. Stay tuned.