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Sunday, 28 December 2014

With teeth

Work has gotten in the way of regular diving activities during this festive period but I think we've broken the back of it now so it was good to get back into the deep blue on the East End with Captain Nat, Captain Nige and new girl (not captain) April with our friends at Tortuga Divers.

 Forcast for the day was a 6 knot NE with gusts up to 12 knots, which pretty much how it was with 27 degrees in the water which is the coldest I've ever seen it here but its still a little warmer than diving in Scotland right now (am I right, 633068?).

Nat took us off to the South side today to a site called Pat's Wall, which we've never done so I was keen to see how it would compare to our regular favourites. There was a mild Easterly current but nothing to right home about.

With a deep cut running out to the drop off, we skimmed over the top to avoid any traffic jams, not to mention that my camera arms are wider than a Vanguard class submarine!

There was some excellent examples of large fan corals all looking to be in good condition not to mention some really nice rope and barrel sponges sitting out on outcrops dotted along the wall.

Part way through the dive, we had a visit from an inquisitve lady in grey and as the dive progressed we had more and more of her friends checking us out, which made for some great diving even though it did push me right deco limits, but it was worth it with three sharks circling us and taking turns to get up close and personal with the camera.

The first visitor, but no the last......

After all the excitment it was a bit difficult to back to just looking at the scenery but it was still nice with big shoals of fusiliers, tang, triggerfish, schooling barracuda and jacks blotting out the top of wall.

We motored off round to Anchor Lodge which I vaguely remeber having done before but couldn't remember it exactly. It was a nice little shallow dive but the surge was picking up a bit which made things a little tricky shot wise with nothing to brae against and making sure the rig didn't bounce all along the reef.

Captain. Nat just prior to her performing her world famous triple forward somersault with a 360 half tuck whilst whistling the star spangled banner........

It was hard work finding the small stuff but there were some fine examples of gobies and blennies, particularly the female red banner blenny, but I am ashamed to say that my keen eyes failed me when It came to finding my beloved nudis, I just couldn't find one.

I also managed to find a lovely little shrimp sitting on a cup coral which made a nice colourful shot.

There were a few rays cruising around but they were all off in the distance which made for some poor off the cuff shots. Wrong lens for the job unfortunately.

And it wouldn;t be and end to the dive without the obligatory shot of the flamingo tongue cowrie and a christmas tree worm because it is the season after all. Merry xmas and hae a great new year. Safe diving everyone!!