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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Killing in the name of

There was an itch to scratch as seeing as the significant other was off island, I had to default the plan be and take the short Canadian diving with me. It also gave him an excuse to get in the water as the only time he gets wet is when he gets caught in the rain!

So off we trotted to Eden Rock and the first dive over at Devils Grotto as we had been reliably (ha!) informed that the silversides were back. Although to be fair, they were there, just not a lot of them.

Theres a killer on the loose.......
L'assassino Mancini had his game face on as he was on the hunt for any lionfish, so that kept him happy whilst he flitted from overhang to overhang trying to route out the scourge of the caribbean.
I know it's under here somewhere........
Squadrons of tarpons were crusing out and about and we had a few snappers follwing us around for obvious reasons.

Tarpons but very few silversides

As we found outm the dive site is very well hunted so there was little opportunity to spear any lionfish although Martin did get one in the bucket and it turned out to be smaller than the one he had used to win the last tournament for the smallest lionfish, in this case just over 5cm. Half a centimetre smaller than the winning entry. Size is important apparently......

Dive two took is back to Devils Grotto to pick up some additional shots due to a little mis-communication on the previous dive before conducting a sweep of the reef over to Eden Rock itself. Again there was very little to spear but he did get another one in the bucket.

And he found a monsterous moray as well but unfortuanately it was in such an awkward place, the effort to get into such a small space wouldn't have been worth it. And it probably would have buggered off by the time I got anywhere near it as well so we left it alone.

Another one for the bucket
And after all that diving, it was only fitting that we retire to the bar for a beer and white russian or five. With any luck and a bit of space, we'll be throwing ourselves off a perfectly good boat at the East End this weekend with our friends at Tortuga Divers.

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