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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Undisclosed Desires

Off to the East End once again to spend some quality time with our good friends at Tortuga Divers, with Nige, Nat and Doug manning (and girling) the boat today. We had a slight overcast and a 7-8 knot South Easterly wind, so it was an easy choice to head North and pay another visit to Julie's Wall once again.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to get wet we go.....
 After splash down, we headed down the wall and West this time and were immediately accosted with some superb overhangs, sea whips and sponge formations with a healthy smattering of fusiliers and snappers. This is as close to diving Bloody Bay Wall as you'll get without having to fly to Little Cayman as the scenery here is good enough to make your camera blush with embarrassment and shame.

As always depth, time and SAC are major considerations, especially here where if you are not careful you can easily find yourself in a sticky situation particularly if you are focused (no pun  intended) on getting the perfect shot. If in doubt, stick you your guide like glue otherwise get in there and get some great photos of some truly epic scenery.

"One fish, two fish, eight fish, blue fish....."
The condition of the sponges and coral here are in excellent condition and we were also hoping to see some big stuff cruising by in the blue but alas, it was not meant to be today. Still with a plethora of colours and marine life at this dive site, how could you possibly feel hard done by?

After a good long dive at the depth, we reluctantly headed back up for the obligatory safety stop before motoring round to dive site number two, and today it was the turn of Little Bluff which we haven't done in quite some time, a very easy dive with long fingers of coral and crenelations separated with sandy areas to weave in and out of.

As always it pays to take your time and pay close attention to the small stuff hiding out amongst the corals like some lovely little female roughhead blennies.

Not to mention some fantastic little hydroids, which you definitely need patience and good lighting to get a decent shot of them, but they are incredibly nice.

There were a good selection of blennies scattered around with more than a few orange saddled more than happy to have their photos taken.

The surprise visitors of the day were the turtles however and fair do to Nige he did say that they were regular visitors here. We had three cruising around the reef on the day and although not totally comfortable with sharing space in the water they weren't out-right skittish and were happy to stop for a couple of shots before gliding off to do more important things. Like go down the pub. Or whatever it is that turtles do.

As always, another thoroughly enjoyable days diving with the boys and girls at Tortuga Divers at the East End. We look forward to seeing you there soon.