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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Auld Lang Syne

Well we started with good intentions this morning with the first dives of 2014. However the despite the dive centre advertising they'd be open today (just like last year) they decided not open, which was a bit of a waste of a morning.

However undaunted, we came up with plan B and with a wink and a nod and a funny handshake we got access to another dive site that wasn't open to the public today but seeing as the lads knew us, they let us sneak in for a few hours, which was nice of them.

Masses of fusiliers and some very large and frisky snappers surrounded us as soon as we got in the water. I think they missed us. There were also some epic sized groupers hanging around, watching us in the shallows.

The viz wasn't amazingly stunning, but it was better than it has been for the last couple of weeks and there was a very minor Northerly current, so quite good conditions all round.

We cruised down to about 42 metres to check out some the great rope and barrel sponges as well as see if there was any big stuff hanging off in the blue, but none showed up on this dive unfortunately.

However we did get a visit from jebus fish, with his blinding halo of light, promising to feed the masses with his five loaves and two humans, as evidenced below, which was fitting for this festive period.

The second dive was a bit experimental as I was trying out some DIY snoots on the strobes which generally I was quite pleased about considering I made them for a grand total of 23 dollars, saving over 1100 dollars if I had ordered them online. They still need a little tweaking and fettling to get them to a where I need them to be but pretty good so far. Ideal for when you're shooting ultra macro as evidenced below.

We also had a very large visitor on this dive which is always the way when you're shooting with macro. A whopping big turtle sat down in front of us and had a good nosh on a sponge. It was that big I could only get head shots and that was from about a half metres distance just to get it in frame. He was completely non-plussed as he went about having his breakfast.

Got some video as well which you can see below or if you'd rather watch it on Youtube, you can see it HERE

After the excitement of the big stuff it was time to root out the little stuff, like this fine selection of roughhead blennies. Lovely.

And last but not least we have a fine example of a squirrelfish doing a unicorn impersonation  with an isopod stuck to it's head.

And of course it wouldn't be New Year without stopping off for the obligatory post dive drink christmas drink. Altogether now......"I'm dreaming of a white russian, just like the ones we used to know......."