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Friday, 12 July 2013

F-stop Blues

Well the past week has been totally epic with 37.6 GB of photos shot just by myself alone and one poor instructors nerves frayed at the end (mine by the way!), but it was worth it as the diving was exceptional covering wrecks, caverns, wall, night, shore and boat diving all over the island and I think everyone went away pretty happy by the end. 

Way too many pictures to show, these were just some of the highlights, with the bulk being kept back for private use and magazine articles but I'm sure you get the idea.

Tarpons hunting amongst the silversides
I've done a lot of night diving in my time but this week was epic, some of the best I've ever done.
A halo of fish

Amongst good friends
Why so stern?.....

Silent vigil

Out from the depths

 So many stories to tell but I am forced to remain silent to protect a ladies modesty (such as it is!). Lets just say that she would have been perfectly in sync to diving in Australia and leave it at that.

Lovely bristle worm

A pair of pistol shrimp waiting for their next victim

Tiny little velvet shrimp

The littlest octopus

Absolutely spoiled for choice between scenic and macro and it was a touch call to decide which lens to put on. Some dives were loaded with rays and turtles but as we were doing macro work we had to let them go. Remember, decide prior to getting in as to what the focus of your dive will be. You can't do everything.
Female rough head blenny

Juvenile orange sided goby

"Don't come any closer or I'll jump!"

I title this one the laughing eel........

Spot the good looking one out the diver and the lobster........