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Monday, 27 May 2013

Inner Space

The mecca for tech/rebreather kicked off on the island here a couple of days ago at Divetech just up the road. I'm going to try and get along there for a few days but given how busy this week  is turning out to be I might not make it. Still, there's always next year.

Link: HERE

"Hosted by Divetech, it’s the largest rebreather event in the world. Around 70 people will fly to Grand Cayman from as far afield as South Africa, Egypt, the UK and the US to take part in the event, said Steve Tippetts, senior instructor at DiveTech, who is organising much of the event "

"Inner Space will be bringing together re-breather designers, distributors and manufacturers of technical dive computers, teams from the Divers Alert Network and more.  
“It’s a meeting of minds,” Mr. Tippetts said. “People who are all into the same thing can dive together.”