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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stan Waterman Retires

A champion of the Cayman Islands, he made his final dive here last week before retiring.I hope I'm still diving and shooting pictures at 90! 

Well done sir, we salute you and all your achievements.

Link: HERE

"Stan Waterman, avid diver and pioneer of underwater film and photography, donned his scuba gear for the final time last week. Not bad for a man who celebrated his 90th birthday the week before." 

"Mr. Waterman was among the first to embrace the sport of recreational diving and has spent over 60 years exploring the underwater realm. He has filmed everything from underwater scenes in Hollywood movies to documentaries for the National Geographic, winning numerous awards, including five Emmys for his ground-breaking work. He has also produced two films for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, promoting the Islands as a dive destination."

One of Stans many front cover appearances.