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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Killer Soup

A very interesting and thought provoking article found on one of my regular tech sites and not something you would not normally find on such a site but something that has a huge impact on us and and the environment.

The Soup That is Killing The Ocean

Say what you will about Ramsey, he has some clout and a TV show to be able to highlight something that we've known and been banging on about for years. 

Richard Branson is also carrying the torch for the ban on finning along with a couple more US states passing a bill on the ban of sale and consumption of shark fins.

The Washing Post

Time Magazine

The more people that we can get this message to, by whatever means, the better.

And we need to be sure we keep sending this message until the brutality stops.  

1.5 million sharks a week (most going to China) need our help. Without them, our oceans would be a lonelier, sadder place to be.

Save Us!!