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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Uncharted Territory

Another glorious dive site
Well it's that time of year again where we avoid the St Abbs splash in weekend like the plague and head West. Todays adventure is brought to you from Loch Fyne, but a little bit further afield. This time from Anchor Point, about 9miles up the road from Strachur. As it's a bit far flung for a lot of people it tends to be a bit quiet and secluded which is how we like it! Sun was out, vis was decent and water temp was 11 degrees, so it was all good!
Vibrant cushion starfish
We decided to deviate from the regular flight plan for the first dive and head way out to the left which doesn't get visited as it's a bit of a long fin and is unmapped, but we headed out there anyway to see what can be seen. As it turned out there were some very nice rock formations with plenty of squat lobsters, starfish, crabs, gobies, scorpionfish and an explosion of sea feathers.
Don't mind me, I'm just scuttling here
Took us while to get back to the exit point at the end of the dive but we needed the exercise anyway! After sunning ourselves on shore and some turkey rasher butties (interesting to try but doesn't beat dead pig, sorry Hamish), we headed back in and bimbled round the usual site which is basically a large rock formation similar to a horseshoe.
Feathered starfish

With lovely big mature dogfish sitting in the shallows and the rocks totally covered in sea feathers it was a beautiful, colourful dive. With plenty of scorpionfish, king scallops, flat fish and lobsters around, there was plenty to watch and plenty of things to take pictures of.
Nice big dogfish

 The rock formations were full of nooks and crannies and well worth spending time to have a good look in them as they are full of spiny squat lobsters, regular squat lobsters and edible crabs. Two, three, four to a hole. It's like look at a bunch of sqaut(ters). Ho-ho.
Some of the many sea feathers covering the rocks
With a total run time of 159 minutes, it was a shame to get out the water (some of us got out of the water before others!). Its a long trek to get here, but with underwater scenery and tonnes of marine life scuttling about, it's well worth the travel time and effort to get here.
Candy stripe starfish
And next weekend we've got a jolly up at Lochaline which will be awesome seeing as its been a couple of years since I was last up there so it will be nice to dive some familiar sites and and see some old faces (no not my dive buddies). Stay tuned for next weeks exciting episode.......